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Watch Winder

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We offer watch winder for watches

Watch winder is a device with an electric motor and one or more rotating platforms, to automatically wind up your watch when you are not wearing it. A winder keeps an automatic watch running and ready to wear any times .it also serves to keep the lubricating oil inside the moving mechanism smoothly and evenly distributed, when you are not wearing your watch for a long period of time. A watch winder provides angular and/or circular motions that convert the motion’s kinetic energy into stored micro electrical energy, so as to keep the watch movement running. Watch winders are useful for an “automatic” or “self-winding” watch; A quartz watch does not need a watch winder.

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Benefits For The Watch Packing Making Industry

Multiple Styles, Multiple Materials To Choose From

Strict material selection, integration of exquisite and meticulous production technology, with simple fashion modeling design
Presents simple business style, exudes extraordinary light luxury charm

Unparalleled Design To Engage Your Guest

Our expert team of designers handles packaging and design solutions from start to finish, catering to any business needs. Combining product design and visual branding, they work with you to create the perfect watch winder design for your watches.

Professional Team

Teaming up with the design team, our skilled packaging artisans translate the design concepts and turn them into reality. Integrated chemical plant, professional painting team, to meet your various process requirements, they create exquisite packing box that get your target market’s attention.

Warehousing, Logistics, And Inventory Solutions

We provide assistance in inventory management through the use of our order system and delivery options. The minimum order requirement for products is 500 pcs, and products are delivered on time to ensure orders are fulfilled. We also manage the internal inventory to make sure we have available stock of common products for faster delivery.

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1 Ideal For Automatic Box Making Machine

Businesses with higher production requirements that have automated paint lines can use our high grade and exquisite wooden watch winder es.

2 Made From Environmental Protection Materials

Environmental friendly wooden board has high smoothness, thick and firm, clean appearance and good evenness, showing the strength of the company. A variety of processes, beautiful appearance, to meet your various process requirements,repeated use, improve the grade and added value of goods.

3 Customizable Design

We can create a unique wooden watch winder is design to help build brand awareness. We use cutting-edge decorating techniques to improve the visual appeal of your product packaging.